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Misc. Xander Slash Pairings

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Crossposted in multiple posts on tumblr.  Check the tags to find them.

If Wishes Were Horses
There is always a sacrifice to be made but not usually one so willing to make it. With so few options and little to hold him Xander gives up all he knows to help a friend, unknowingly falling upon some answers to a mystery he has lived with all his life. WIP

How Xander Got With Andrew
The title pretty much says it all.

Kitchen Confusion
Andrew wants Dawn - or does he? Xander is totally cool with it - or is he? Contains kisses, cookies and confusion.

How Xander Got Fired From That Phone Sex Line
Okay, so Xander’s throw-away comedic line in The Yoko Factor about working at a phone sex line just begged for me to drabble about it.

Only in Cleveland
Xander chooses to come to Cleveland after his time in Africa. For the life of him, Andrew can’t figure out why.

One day, Andrew Wells will rule the world. Or something like that.

Talk Geek To Me
Andrew has discovered a new way into a geek’s pants.

Breaking in the Treasure
He had to get his treasure away from the thieves and harlots. They couldn’t have his reward any longer.

Times Like These
You gotta choose sides.

Dear Manservant
In Season 8 we learned Xander and Dracula “first hit it off when Dracula came to Sunnydale. Then they stayed in touch - the occasional letter here and there… Dracula’s fond of Xander. They have a unique relationship”

Until He Returns
In the wake of Sunnydale’s demise, Xander has a lot on his mind and too many well-meaning friends around to figure things out. He takes off, searching for answers, and encounters someone he thought never to see again.

Xander Harris and the Dark Lord: An Excruciating Correspondence
Based on a retcon from Comic #13 about letters exchanged between Dracula and Xander, spans from Season Five of Buffy to immediately post-Chosen.

Haven’t Seen Him
If Xander saw Ethan and didn’t tell, Giles would kill him. Wonderful thing, blindfolds

Sorcerer’s Estate
Xander’s feeling left out when a familiar figure approaches him in a bar with a proposal.

Xander takes some angry time.

Cherry Bomb
Xander. Graham. Sex. That’s it, really. Slash of the m/m variety, obvs.

Death to Teddy Bears
When Graham gets hurt, the Scoobies subject him to their brand of helping. (First of a strange attraction series, just change the 01 in the url to 02 then to 03 and so on until 06)

What if Buffy had stayed in Cleveland, Cordelia’s wish was never broken, and the Initiative had to clean up a very different kind of Sunnyhell? (same as above but until 08)

Operation: Free Xander
Graham thinks Xander’s relationship with Anya isn’t that healthy. Riley thinks Graham should help free Xander.

Pop Goes the Weasel
Xander the Ice Cream Man meets a very special customer. Fluffy boy slash of the Xander/Graham variety. You know you love it.

It’s Dork-At-First-Sight for Xander and Graham.

When We Last Met
Xander meets Graham... again?

The Full Xander Harris Experience
“We hang out,” Xander said. “And then you’ll understand that I’m completely serious when I tell you that I am one hundred percent, completely and totally, straight.”
“You’re one hundred percent, completely and totally, insane.”

Trapping the Wild Xander in Eight Easy Steps
Larry has a plan. He didn’t say it’s a good one.

A Simple Misunderstanding
Larry demands to know more about how Xander has “been there”; Xander, it turns out, has a kiss-and-be-kissed knee-jerk response.

Xander and Riley enjoy a game of basketball. Riley is particularly interested in Xander’s layup.

Du Lac
Xander has a literary epiphany.

Coming Home
Riley had had his eye on Xander from the very beginning, but circumstances had always kept them apart.

Circles in the Dust
“She doesn’t love me.” Xander didn’t know how to comfort Riley. How to make it better. But he should, right? He was the fix-it-up guy. The heart. It took some time, but eventually an idea did adhere to his brain. Maybe just hanging out would help. Letting Riley talk to someone who lived in that space, where love was never expected, and when it did show up like a stray puppy, it always seemed to already have another owner who would come and claim it sooner or later.

First Impressions
Riley sees something he really, really likes.

Pre-season 4, Riley takes a trip to Oxnard with his friends. The after effects linger.

Sometimes a Cigar
Dreams of Xander make Riley question things he’s been taking for granted in his life.

Xander catches Riley in the act.

When Riley confides in Xander about his confusion over Buffy, he doesn’t get the response he expected. What happens next, neither of them saw coming.
Subject to Change
A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Or something.

The Library Thing
It’s all Buffy’s fault. And Cordelia’s and Willow’s. And Oz’s and Giles’s and Angel’s. But especially Wes’s.